• China One Belt One Road: Opportunities & Challenges...


    30 March 2016
    Dr. Hung is the Principal Liaison Officer for Hong Kong, Shenzhen Qianhai Authority and he is the President of Internet Professional Association. Ms. Wong is the Deputy General Manager of Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited, a company under the Shenzhen Qianhai Authority. Ms. Wong will introduce the job and internship opportunities during the seminar.

  • Multimedia Lecture Series 2015: Creating Opportunities...


    12 December 2015
    Multimedia Lecture Series is an annual event held by Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Section (MIES), IET Hong Kong and Department of Information Technology, IVE(LWL). Every year, distinguished speakers from the industry will be invited to share their experience and technological knowhow in the Lecture Series. The Lecture Series will feature the fast growing emerging technology and development...

  • Mentorship Team Building Workshop 2015


    21 November 2015
    Mentorship Team Building Workshop 2015 was successfully held on 21 November 2015 at Tai Mei Tuk. Please click "more" and enjoy the highlight of the Mentorship Team Building Workshop 2015 taken by aerial shooting.

  • 4K UHDTV Production Seminar


    31 October 2015
    The event will invite speakers and industrial experts to showcase the latest technologies in 4K and UHDTV productions, post production, content deliverables, and data archiving.

  • The University of the West of England Summer Study...


    28 June to 8 July 2015
    The University of the West of England Summer Study Trip 2015 has been completed with positive and fruitful outcomes in Bristol from 28 June to 8 July 2015. 24 graduates of HD in Multimedia & ICT programme were inspired a lot in visiting IBM and HP lab. They have an overall picture of studying the UWE BSc(Hons) Digital Media & BSc(Hons) Computing Programme in AY 15-16.

  • HKCS IT Career Expo 2015


    26 September 2015
    There will be a IT Career Expo organized by HKCS on 26 Sept at HKPC. It’s a good opportunity not only for graduates but also students or even freshman to learn about the IT market.