Project Room Booking
Project Room - B218

Project Room - B319

Project Room - B626

Booking Procedure (B218 & B319):
  • Prepare an email with the following information:
  • Student Name: 
    Student ID: 
    Course Code/ Title/ Level: 
    Lab Number: B218 / B319
    Booking Date: 
    Booking Time: From                     To
    Project Supervisor/ Lecturer In-charge (If any): 
  • Submit the booking to;
  • Sign in and out.

Booking Procedure (B626):
  • Fill the B626 Booking form;
  • Confirm and sign by authorized teacher;
  • Submit to the technician station at B626/ B627.

Project Room Opening Hour :
Monday to Friday, 0900 – 1700 (public holiday excluded)
(Project room may be closed for free booking subject to class and special event operations.)

Important Notes