• iCare Game Development Competition


    06 March 2015
    BSc(Hons) Digital Media students: SHUM Cheong, CHUNG Man Kit and their group mates won the Silver Trophy in iCare Game Development Competition. It was held by iCare and Cyberport, with 52 competitors and 28 students groups from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong developers. A booth was given for exhibit their winning game to the visitors.

  • The 8th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival Awards


    13 February 2015
    Multimedia students won the Hong Kong Movie Mobile User’s Pick Award in the 8th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival held on 13 Feb 2015.

  • Global Game Jam 2015 Awards


    23/25 January 2015
    Digital Entertainment - Games & Animation students,Leung Kin Lok won “Most Quirky Award” and Lucas Peralta won “Special Mention Award” from the Global Game Jam 2015.

  • 工展會49th廣告「TEEN」才短片創作比賽


    03 January 2015
    Students from IT/IVE (DILWL) 41384 won the "2nd Runner-Up" of 《第49屆工展會-廣告「TEEN」才短片創作比賽》Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo. Students show their talents and innovative ideas on the whole creative process.

  • IT Project Competition 2013


    13 June 2013
    LMU BSc (Hons) Multimedia and Entertainment Tech Full Time students have won an award from "The China Pan-Pearl River Delta Region University IT Project Competition 2013". Students develop a Pleasure Vessel Driving Simulation that helps pleasure vessel skippers improve their driving attitude and safety awareness.

  • Basic Law comic / Motion Comic Design Contest


    18 May 2013
    BSc (Hons) in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology students were awarded from Basic Law comic/Motion Comic Design Contest at Post-Secondary-cum-Open Division, organized by Home Affairs Bureau and Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education. The contents of the comic/motion comics focused on Chapter I- General Principles, Chapter V- Economy and/or Chapter VII- External Affairs of the Basic law...